Reiner Postlaan 12
6525 GC Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Project leader

Dr. Corina U. Greven
  • Phone:+31 (0) 243 611 757
  • Fax:+31 (0) 243 541 435
  • Email

Project staff

Prof. Jan Buitelaar
  • Phone:+31 (0) 243 610 750
  • Fax:+31 (0) 243 541 435
  • Email


Ms. Nadine Schalk
  • Phone:+31 (0) 065 337 0436
  • Fax:+31 (0) 243 541 435
  • Email

Institute presentation

Karakter is a child and adolescent psychiatric hospital with several branches in The Netherlands, the largest of which is located in Nijmegen. Karakter has a large clinical outpatient program for children with ADHD with about 800 new patients per year, and clinicians trained in delivering mindfulness treatment to children and adolescents. Karakter organizes regular clinical seminars and a clinical training program for child psychiatrists and psychologists; Karakter also provides training in evidence-based medicine. 

This includes among others courses for training in administering and scoring standardized research instruments for diagnosing ASD as the ADI-R and the ADOS. As part of the MiND project, we have collaborative links with Prof Anne Speckens who is heading the Radboud University Medical Centre for Mindfulness, Esther de Bruin who is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, and Prof Susan Bögels who is heading the Academic Treatment Centre for Parents and Children UvA minds.

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