Project leader

Harro Timmerman (PhD)

Institute presentation

NIZO food research is an independent contract research company (SME) that is working in collaboration with industry to co-create new products and technologies. NIZO food research is a leading global center in proteins, bacteria, and processing. NIZO’s competitive technologies facilitate innovations in food for health in a responsible entrepreneurship manner, e.g., evidence based health claims. NIZO has a strong OMICs-based platform to study food and human associated microbiomes (gastrointestinal, skin and oral) and how they interact with the host.  In addition, several pre-clinical and clinical models are in place to develop and test the microbiome modulators of the future. Key scientists are Prof. Dr. Michiel Kleerebezem, Dr. Harro Timmerman, Dr. Jos Boekhorst, Dr. Sacha van Hijum, Dr. Michiel Wels and a group of around 30 scientists and technical staff active in microbiome and bio-informatics R&D.

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