Project leader

Marie-Louise Jung

Institute presentation

PC SAS, formerly Prestwick Chemical, Strasbourg-Illkirch, France, was created in 1999 as a spin off from the University of Strasbourg and is now an established drug discovery company. 

With our smart screening libraries and our integrated discovery services, we help our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and cosmetics industry to identify and optimize new bio-active molecules. We have specialized in providing development candidates using competitive medicinal chemistry. Our scientists are supported by state-of the art computational tools. They apply technologies to build a strong foundation for the understanding of structure-activity relationships and for risk assessment based on cutting edge in silico ligand profiling.

Prestwick Chemical, with its partners, offers a complete coverage of early drug discovery steps from virtual screening to optimized leads, ready for preclinical development. Our services include medicinal chemistry at all stages from hit expansion up to lead optimization. 

The highly experienced medicinal chemistry team has performed hit to lead and lead optimization campaigns towards all major target classes (enzymes such as kinases, receptors such as GPCRs, ion channels, and protein protein interfaces). Prestwick Chemical has devoted much effort to ensure that the medicinal chemists work on the most promising hit series: Our medicinal chemists evaluate the hit series with respect to IP space, emerging SAR, and chemical tractability. So far, we have produced more than 10000 original compounds, from which 9 have already entered into clinical development, 1 compound is on the market for a niche indication but also evaluated in Phase II and Phase III for other indications.

The Prestwick Chemical compound collections (Prestwick Chemical Library®, Prestwick Phytochemical Library, and Prestwick Fragment Library) are of highest international standard, and validated worldwide by a large number of pharmaceutical companies and academic labs. We guarantee to provide re-supply of each compound, thus allowing customers to rapidly validate and follow-up with hits obtained.

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